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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Colorful Notions - Book Review

Colorful notions is a road trip novel. Three friends, one girl and two boys go on a road trip. When so is the case, a love triangle is inevitable. Did I forget to mention that they are making a video of their trip as well. May be because the writer too forgets it most of the times. Soon a TV producer takes the project under its wings. Our trippers have their past too. Ab is distanced from his mother or has his mother distanced herself from him. The dying Nani has left him a sealed message. Then comes a Buddhist monk or lama who distributes pearls of wisdom to our troubled friends. Needless to say this drama set on roads has a happy ending where not only the lovers but also the mother-son are reunited.

The first three fourth of the book tries to step into too many territories and fails. You are confused as to what you are reading. Is it a travelogue? Is it a love story? Is it a family drama. The road trip takes us to Jim Corbett park, Ladakh, Wagah, Bhangarh, Goa, Hyderabad, Sunderbans. I guess the author hasn’t visited all of these places. The same is evident from his writing. It appears patched and borrowed.

In the final quarter the plot becomes clearer and hence interesting. It is here that all the drama unfolds. I liked the writer showing a whoring mother. This is something new and hence bold. It shows that even mothers are prone to commit mistakes sometimes. It is only for this character of an erring mother, I recommend reading Colorful Notions. 
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