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Monday, 17 April 2017

Kissing the Demon - Book Review

There are numerous books written on creative writing. But all of them are written by foreign authors with references to foreign novels. There is nothing written by an Indian to help the upcoming authors hone their skills. Kissing the Demon by Amrita Kumar fills this void on the Indian literary scene.

To plot or not to plot is an eternal dilemma for every author. This book answers this question. It has a section devoted to creating the unforgettable characters. Point of view is also discussed in detail. I really liked the tips offered by the author for writing dialogues. The way she tells us to incorporate the story in the settings is bound to help every author.

A book written is a job only half done. Editing and finding a publisher continue to be a nightmare for every author. The book deals with these aspects as well.

This isn’t a book, it is a course in creative writing. Hence this book is highly recommended.

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