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Saturday, 22 April 2017

The Story of My Half Girlfriend

Thank you so much for everything that you have done for me. Sometimes I wonder how my life would have been had you not been there.’ Soumya said keeping her hand over mine. Having known her for all these years, I knew she wasn’t lying. She indeed valued my presence in her life.
Don’t even mention it. I am always there for you. 365 days a week, 24X7’ I said placing my other hand over hers. That was when she pulled back her hand and said. ‘Thanks.’

Some relationships are like that. They don’t have any meaning. But do relationships require any meaning? Aren’t they way beautiful the way they are? Why do we want to compartmentalize them and give them formal names?

Attribute it to my conditioning or the social structure that I live in. I wanted to take things forward with Soumya. I liked her company and she liked being with me to. ‘You always inject a positive energy into me.’ She would say giving me a hug.

We would chat for long hours. Time slipped away but our chats did not stop. I longed to be with her. To hear her giggles and to see her smiles. I would call her almost every day. But she would agree to meet me only once or twice a week. She would come to meet me as and when she had any problems. She would take her heart out and I would listen to her. Listen to her without giving any advice. Then once she was done I would tell her a few jokes and she would laugh. I would share the latest school gossip with her and she would widen her eyes and say, ‘Oh, is it so?’ Once her mood was changed I would deal with her problem, albeit subtly. I would focus on the positive things of her life and that particular situations. Fiddling with her dupatta she would say, ‘I never thought this way.’ She would return home in a positive mood. Even her parents knew about it. So whenever she was feeling down, her mother would say, ‘Go and meet Raj.’

It would be so beautiful if we spend all our lives together.’ I said one day sensing her jovial mood.
Of course. We are friends and we will stay in touch.’ Gazing at the walls she said.
I went on to explain her that I wished to marry her. She didn’t react. She neither accepted my proposal nor did she turn me down. The status of our relationship was hanging somewhere in between.

She came to me only when she had some problem in my life. That gave me a feeling of being a doormat. I tried speaking to her a couple of times about my feelings, she said that the caste barrier that stood tall between us would never permit our union.

I passed out of the school and went to college of which she was not a part. The frequency of our contacts reduced and one day she married some other person. Her marriage has its own set of ups and downs. She calls me for guidance during the down phases and choses to ignore my calls saying ‘The baby was crying.’ But still she remains special in my heart. Sometimes I wonder would she have been happier if she was with me. But the answer is we never know how our lives would have been if we had taken some other decision. May be yes, may be no.

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