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Saturday, 23 March 2019

The Last Link - Book Review

Manisha Malhotra does a brilliant job of welding spirituality with science fiction in her book The Last Link. The protagonist Ann Fletcher is a physics student. She can discern the aura of any person. The panch mahabhutas or the five basic elements come in the form of human characters and turn Ann's world up side down. She is the Earth in the human form. The conflict, the twists and turns make this book readable.

The writing is simple and lucid. The author avoids jargons, a relief to the readers for this is a complex story. The characters take time to establish themselves and much time is spent on their back stories. I wish this could have been curtailed. Yet the story manages to keep you glued till the end. Though the first half drags a bit, the second half compensates for it and you get to read an edgy thriller. This book is certainly not to be missed.

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