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Tuesday, 25 June 2019

What Mina Did - Book Review

What Mina did, yes though a bit weird, that is the name of Geeta Menon's debut novel. The book opens with a brilliant suspense that surrounds Mina's past. Mina has constant nightmares. Something terrible has happened to her in her house at Bangalore. Now the house is put up for sale. Mina is in the house to complete formalities regarding its sale. The unpleasant memories harangue her and she passes out in the house.

After reading the first few chapters I had an impression that this book was either a psychological thriller or a murder mystery. But it is neither of the two. The book totally goes off track in the second part and enters the familiar territory – a woman trapped in a bad marriage. The second part is very unconvincing. Mina is having psychological issues. Her company is firing people and her husband too voices his financial woes. Yet they go ahead with an unplanned pregnancy. This is hard to digest for any thinking person.

This book is as much about Neelu as it is about Mina. The book certainly holds your interest up to the end. But it disappoints too. Certain parts like the dynamics between the friends are written well. I had mixed feelings after reading the book. Good and bad both in equal parts.

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