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Thursday, 22 October 2015

Real togetherness

Nature is our Mother, isn’t it? We all are her children sitting on her laps. She loves us all equally and provides all the blessings of life for our nourishment. She gives us clean air to drink. She gives us the food to eat. She gives us pristine waters to quench our thirsts. It is she who loves us all equally.

When the man was yet to discover the art of making houses, she provided him the caves which served as houses and protected him from wild animals. Mother nature has always cared for us. No wonders the breasts fill up with milk, even before the child is born. Even if man at times transgresses the rules of the nature, she never gets angry at him. If humans fall ill as a result of not following the rules of nature – eating fresh foods and moderate exercise, she fills his surroundings with herbs which have medicinal properties. Such is her unconditional love.

What does mother nature want. She wants her children to sit together and enjoy her blessings. That is what real togetherness is all about. You must have spent hundreds of hours browsing the internet or playing on your smart phone. But have you ever visited a farm with your friends and family? If you have you will agree with me that the joy which you get on such trips cannot be compared to the pleasures which a couch potato enjoys.

Plucking fresh fruits from the farm, while pulling each other’s legs brings the relations closer. The juice of the fresh fruits will trickle down your elbows and all of you will have a good laughter. Laughter has become rare this days, hasn’t it? By laughter I mean real loud laughter in a group and not smilies on the computer screen. As you walk amidst the fields, you may require someone’s support. Even the friend or relative who is no longer that close may instantaneously stretch out his hand and help you out. You reciprocate with a smile. The misunderstandings whither away and the relation becomes healthy.

You will sing songs without caring if you have struck the right note. You will watch the beautiful birds as they coon. You will stretch out your hands and fill your lungs with fresh air. Though your legs may be tired you will not wish to return home. You will not wish to deprived of the company of real humans which you have enjoyed after a very long time. Digitalization has its own advantages. But the reality is that while bringing people together it increases the distance between them. Getting all your friends together, sharing a good laughter over good nutritious food is what life is all about. So when are you inviting your friends at your house?

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