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Sunday, 15 November 2015

Beating Depression

How many of you feel gloomy and depressed. Let me make a confession that I have felt depressed many times. Yes, the environment and physiology do play a role in depression, but one of the main causes of depression is things not going the way you expected. It takes some time for acceptance. This period causes stress and depression. Your own will can take you out of depression. You are required to work hard to overcome negative moods. Let me enlist few of things which can lift your spirits. 
Meet friends
I am sure all of you have people in your life who unconditionally accept you and love you no matter what you do. Meet such friends often. Laugh with them. Thank God for making them part of your life. If you can’t meet them, call them up. Even writing emails articulating your emotions towards them will make you feel better. I prefer writing emails. For it doesn’t disturb the other person, who may be busy in his office or family life. When I tell meet your friends, let me tell you a word of caution. Do not be overdependent on them. Yes, they are always there for you. They will hear you, advise you. But at the same time remember that they have a life of their own. You can’t expect them to be at your beck and call. Their presence is like a medicine, which should be taken in prescribed doses. Overdose is injurious to you as well as your relationship.

There are many studies which show that exercise increases good hormones in the body. Now every time you don’t have to hit the gym. You can go for a walk. Doing household chores like washing the clothes, doing the dishes, sweeping, cleaning also involves lot of physical activity. Even doing these apparently mundane jobs can help you feel better.

Books are the friends which are available all twenty-four hours for you. Biographies, books of saints and seekers help me fight depression. First of all they give you a feeling that you are not alone. Secondly they inculcate a hope that if they overcame it, you can do it too. 
Be strong
Be strong. Don’t be too touchy. Don’t take every comment, every situation, every person to your heart. There are people and situations which come in life. Remember the basic rule of life, whatever has to come has to go as well. The same applies to unpleasant people, situations and places. This phase too will be over. Have hope. Don’t take life too seriously. List all the good things in your life and be grateful for the same. Gratitude works like magic to change the moods.

Write your emotions
Writing your thoughts relives a huge burden from your head. Suddenly you feel light. You need not show what you have written to any other person. You can keep it to yourself, confidential like a top secret file. But pouring your heart out in your diary certainly helps.

By music I don’t mean just listening to songs over your phone. I want you to sing aloud. A bhajan, a film song anything would do. It doesn’t matter if you can’t sing well. Sing aloud for at least ten minutes. Its therapeutic. Try it out and you will agree with me.

Sun light
Lot of research papers say that exposure to sun light, especially in the morning, helps to beat the gloomy mood. Now this is easy. No need to specially take out time for the same. Just take your cup of tea and head to the balcony or terrace. Enjoy the sip with the sun. Sun light is blessing of God to humanity. Soak it inside and you will feel better.

Meditation is the ultimate remedy for a peaceful mind. But the irony is that it is difficult to meditate when you are disturbed. So what should be done. First indulge in some physical activity. After you have worked for more than half an hour, sit for meditation. That will help you to concentrate better. Unwanted thoughts will creep lesser. Again remember negative thoughts will not be eliminated altogether. Thinking is the job of the mind. Not being attached to the same is the duty of the reason. Even if a negative thought comes up, don’t feel it. By feeling I mean do not attach any emotion, positive or negative towards the same. Your mind will be calmed.

I am sure you must be feeling better after reading this write up. If you are feeling better share it with your friends and family who matter the most to you as a mark of your gratitude.


  1. awesome Mahesh . feeling better to read . n thr the motto of ur write up serves. Thank you .😊👍👌👏

  2. Thanks Deepa. I am glad that it helped you

  3. Hi Mahesh. All the points written by you, to beat the depression are practicable and result-oriented. Thanks for writing them in useful manner. It's nice of you to comment on my blog , so I have discovered yours. All the best