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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Everyone has a story - book review

Everyone has a story by Savi Sharma is story of an upcoming writer Meera and a traveller Vivaan whom she meets by a chance. She writes a story about the traveller. They are attracted towards each other. This is when the traveller suddenly disappears, leaving Meera’s story incomplete. He has gone to the distant lands to quench his thirst of travel. She is heart broken. How can he go without even saying a bye, is a thought which cannot overcome. The traveller has gone away, but Meera hasn’t gone away from his heart. Her love pulls him back to India. But he has a past. Will Meera accept his past? For this you will have to read Savi Sharma’s Everyone has a story.

What I liked about the novel is that it is written in two voices that of Vivaan and Meera. The writer does a good job with this experimentation. The two voices in the story give this novel a different dimension. It makes a simple story told numerous times appear different. Plus there are subordinate characters like Kabir and Nisha who are in love and have their own set of problems.

I liked Savi’s writing style. I liked the following lines in the novel. ‘In the end, we always regret the choices, we didn’t make, the love we didn’t accept and the dreams we fight for.’ ‘Every day I scoured this Earth to find happiness. I didn’t find it or anything else to soothe my soul at all. I found wonderful places.’ ‘The worst thing that a man can to a woman is making her fall in love with you when you have no intentions of loving her back.’

The subtitle of the book calls it an inspirational romance. But neither is this book the alchemist nor is Savi Paulo Coehlo. Yet she does a decent job. If you are looking for a light read, go ahead and grab this book.

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