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Friday, 15 July 2016

My pledge

‘Why should I pay the taxes?’ My younger brother Rohit asked. He had just entered the house and was fuming. I let him cool. After some time I called him.
‘You were saying something about taxes, weren’t you?’
‘Yes. I have lot of complaints of the tax system in the country.’
‘Why?’ I asked calmly.
‘First you have to pay taxes because you are earning.’ He said.
‘Yes. But the taxes are used for building roads, railways and other public conveniences.’
‘I agree Bhaiya. But my tax is deducted from my salary. TDS – Tax deducted at source.’
‘So why should I file income tax returns? They have got their taxes. Now what more do they want.

I felt like laughing. But I had to control laughter for the sake of my younger brother.
‘What if you have paid extra taxes?’
‘Extra taxes?’ He asked. He was perplexed.
‘Don’t you want to get the extra taxes paid by you back?’
‘Can I get it back?’
‘Yes of course. It is your right.’
‘But how will I get them back?’
‘Simple file income tax returns. You will get a refund.’
‘Yes refund of the taxes which you have paid extra and above what you were required to pay.’

‘Then filing income tax returns is beneficial.’ Said Rohit who just had a change of mind.
‘Are there any more benefits of filing income tax returns?’ He asked.
‘Yes of course. First of all you are discharging your duty of being a responsible citizen. There is nothing to hide. Secondly if you want to apply for loans in future, the first thing you will be asked is past income tax returns. If you want visa to travel to a foreign country, you will be required to show your income tax returns. Having filed your income tax returns would be of help in improving your credit score.’
‘Thank you Bhaiya for guiding me. I too pledge to file the income tax returns.’
I’m taking the #TaxPledge to file IT returns with the easy Income Tax efiling option from H&R Block at BlogAdda.

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