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Sunday, 10 July 2016

My child healthy child

 The day my daughter was born should have been the happiest day in my life. Unfortunately it wasn’t. Not because I was expecting a male child. But because the doctor told my baby was underweight. ‘You will realize once you become a parent.’ My mother would tell me all the time. I never took her words very seriously. But that day I realized what she was saying. My heart went out for my tiny one who was now kept in newborn intensive care unit. Her fragile skin was pierced so many times. Sometimes for giving injections. Sometimes for taking out blood samples.

Will my baby grow properly? Will she gain weight? Will she ever look like those cute chubby kids which I saw in advertisements? The mind kept on playing all sorts of games. So who can be better person than me to voice opinion as to how important it is for the child to catch up the lost growth.

Wait for a month. Your baby will be normal.’ Were the consoling words of the doctor. Not only that doctor but even my aunt who is a gynecologist assured me that all will be well in a month. ‘The baby will gain 20 grams weight each day.’ She had told me. ‘Will she catch up on the lost growth?’ I asked. ‘Yes of course.’ Was the reply.

But will ever a parent’s child will be content with the assuring words of the doctor. No, not at all. Until the parent sees his child making up for the lost growth, gaining enough weight, achieving all the landmarks on time, he will not be convinced with the words of the doctor which may be scientific and even backed by experience.

I had tears in my eyes when the doctor told me that my baby was gaining weight. Though the weight gain was abysmal. But as a parent it was a comforting thought that she wasn’t left behind. She was catching up with other children. With every passing day she gained weight. She was the first one to turn on sides amongst the children of her age, most of them were well rounded babies of my relatives and friends. Soon she surpassed them in everything. She was the first one to crawl. The first one to walk and the first one to talk.

Now I am the happiest person on the earth. My daughter is no way left behind. She is physically and mentally sound. Good nutrition, positive thinking and help of the caregivers are the one who are to be thanked for her healthy growth. Now that my baby has covered up all that she missed and is growing properly a huge burden has been lifted from my chest. I feel relieved. Now that she has covered all the growth which she had lost, I am relaxed. Now I am able to enjoy all the happy moments of parenthood. Those missed moments when the doctor told me that I had become a father albeit that of an underweight baby. Thank you everybody for being a part of my journey. I reiterate that it is very important for a child to catch up on lost growth.

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