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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Healthy heart

So and so had a heart attack.’ ‘I am a bypass patient.’ We hear such lines every second day. It makes me worry about the state of my heart. Unfortunately worrying only adds to the heart problems. But it definitely makes you aware and take a few steps to ensure the health of your heart. These are few of the steps which I have taken to stay active, eating better and being happy and ultimately  protecting my heart and keep it healthy.

Being physically active.
I exercise daily. I do yoga. I go for a run. I lift weights. Yes, like all of you even I feel like skipping my exercise on a day and I skip it. But I work out at least four-five days in a week. Research shows that even that is suffice for the healthy functioning of your heart. Otherwise also I am a physically active person. I don’t take the lift. I climb the stairs. I cover short distances on foot. Mind you I have a car and a two wheeler. But I enjoy walking. I am not much into sports but I like running. I am very careful about my weight. I monitor it regularly. Obese people are more prone to heart diseases. Being physically active, it is easy to maintain weight.

I eat healthy
I eat mostly home cooked food. Home cooked food is healthy and fresh. It is cooked in virgin oil, which means the oil is not reheated again and again. I eat raw vegetables and salads. It does not mean that I do not eat out at all. I eat out not more than once a week. Also at home my salt intake is minimal.

 For being happy 
Yoga and meditation
It would not be wrong to say that yoga and meditation are tonics for the heart. Yoga is known to calm the mind and body. Every pore of your body relaxes as you do the yoga. It has been my experience that no matter what is going on in the mind, once I start doing the yoga poses, the mind automatically calms down. The same is true with meditation. A tip for you. Meditation when done after yoga, is more effective. You easily slip into the relax mode.

No over thinking
I over think. This is the habit which have inherited from my mother. But when I realised the adverse effects which it was having on my mind and body, I started making conscious efforts not to over think. It definitely made me calmer and kept my heart healthy.

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