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Thursday, 22 September 2016

rightfully wrong wrongfully right - Book Review

According to the blurb the characters of the earlier two books Right Fit Wrong Shoe and Wrong Means Right End make a comeback in Varsha Dixit’s Rightfully Wrong Wrongfully Right. But this book is not meant to be sequel to any of the earlier books.

This is the story of a mad scientist Viraj who is a nerd and Gayatri who is a spoilt brat. Gayatri steals Viraj’s copyrighted designs and his heart too. They sleep around in mills & boons way and the story ends happily.

Honestly I totally disliked the book. The characters, the setting everything is difficult to comprehend. None of the characters is well sketched. All of them sound the same. Even the real action (both erotic and the design stealing) begins only after 200 pages. The plot is flat. To add to our agony the book is poorly edited. On page 106 Viraj becomes Virak.
To conclude I found this book Rightfully wrong. Enter at your own risk.

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