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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

My health in my hands

You have stolen my heart’ is a very romantic line. It is really nice to have a heartthrob. But when an attack robs the heart, it is definitely not welcome. India is on the verge of becoming capital of heart diseases. Awareness is the only solution. Let me share the simple steps which I undertake for staying active, happy and eating right which go a long way in keeping  my heart healthy.

1. Exercise regularly
I exercise regularly. I jog daily. Initially it was difficult. It was challenging physically and mentally. But I sticked to the routine and it soon became my habit. Walking, jogging and running is particularly good for heart. So is dancing.Most overweight people are prone to heart diseases. I have bought weighing scales at home. I monitor my weight regularly. Regular monitoring of weight does not always help lose my weight. But it always helps in maintaining it. The fear of gaining weight keeps me active. Seeing pictures of healthy well maintained people also gives a motivation to stay active. Reading other people's health routine too helps to stay active. I read books on health. That help me understand my body, my system better. All the health professionals agree on one point there is no alternative to being physically active. Sitting is injurious to health.

2. Relax
Life cannot be without stress. We must learn to manage stress. Some times by withdrawing, sometimes by confronting. Regular relaxation is a must. I meditate. I read books. I go for a walk. I talk to a friend. Some times I shout and let out my feelings. All these things take a heavy burden from my heart.  They make me happy. Most of the diseases have their origin in the mind and heart diseases are no exception to the same. Having a clear emotional system is vital for the heart’s proper functioning.

3. Diet
I try to avoid oily stuff. I eat ghee and butter but in moderation. I have a sweet tooth. At times I over eat then feel guilty. But I overcome the guilt and decide to stick up to healthy eating. Raw foods, sprouts do magic for the heart. The fibre present in these food prevents heart diseases. Also skins of vegetables contain both fibre and vitamins. I never peel them and eat fruits and vegetables with their skins.

4. Cultivating hobby
I like reading and writing. This hobby of mine keeps me happy. It helps me to keep aside all my burdens for some time. I feel good about myself. I feel happy. Reading and writing gives me a high. I am sure this happy temperament of mine will go a long way in making my heart healthy.

“I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association with BlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.”

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