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Thursday, 15 September 2016

The diary of a Lutyens' Princess

Lutyens is one of the most sought after addresses of Delhi. In the diary of a Lutyens’ Princess, Bindu Dalmia traces the journey of Akshra. She marries at a very young age to Arnaab against the wishes of her parents. He is a middle class government employee. Soon the romance withers away and they get separated. Akshra now has a son, who goes to the boarding school. She too finds a job. After a few years she is in love with Surya who is the scion of a rich, influential business family. Surya has a half marriage with her. His family is unwilling to accept her. Their relationship has its own ups and downs. The story proceeds and Surya lands up in jail for business malpractices. Once he is out their romance brews again.

Bindu Dalmia does an excellent job as a writer. She has her own original, distinct voice. The premise becomes extremely interesting due to her style of writing. She uses the narrative style. This is both novel and challenging. Yet she succeeds in riveting you to your seat with yours eyes glued to the book. She manages to drop real names be that of politicians or film stars and historical events. The way she incorporates them in the narrative is simply brilliant.

Her keen observations of Delhi’s high class crowd adds a tinge of humour to the story. Read the following para in the book. ‘ “Aunty mat kaho,” was the prototype of an ageing woman refusing to come to a graceful acceptance of life’s progression, sporting a Hello Kitty bag, some dyed blonde in their fifties, looking like Barbies-gone-wrong. It’s admirable in a way, as she wanted to retain a contemporary and zesty mindset, believing the sixties were new forties. Most at middle age were so botoxed that it was hard to detect the facial expressions of delight or anger, as one felt that frown lines reflected etchings of character and a life well lived. But with silicon implants between the furrows, it was difficult to guess the mood.’

This book brings a unique style of writing. It is entertaining throughout and hilarious and poignant in parts. It satisfied my reading lust to a great extent. Hence this book is highly recommended.


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