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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Aspire before you expire - book review

I did not find the title Aspire before you expire interesting. I even found its cover unattractive, repelling. I did not expect much from the book. But this book pleasantly surprised me.

The book begins with an internal scan. The author asks the readers to write about their aspirations, strengths and achievements. In the second chapter he discusses why these aspirations were killed. He says that achievers decide to go ahead, come what may, never give up, face mishaps and take life as it comes. The book contains some of the techniques like writing an obituary, a ten year ahead introduction. The author also discusses the characteristics which keep away people from success.

I really liked the chapter in which the author cites six revolutionary habits for success. In this chapter he tells us about one goal one day, 1 hour highway thinking for every 15 days and one decision day every month. Success is accompanied by stress. The book also offers techniques to manage stress. I liked the art of ignoring suggested by the author. I liked the quote of M F Hussain Youth and enthusiasm are matters of heart mentioned at the opening of one of the chapters. The author also teaches us how to handle mood swings. To control anger, the author says be more logical for logic kills anger.

I liked this book because it covers almost every aspect of our personality and life. Success in terms of the author is success in all walks of life. Some of the techniques discussed in the book are new. They will help us to review our life before it is too late. This is indeed a book not to be missed.

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