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Monday, 3 October 2016

The patient patient

Sameer aka Sam is in his junior college. That’s when he is diagnosed of cancer. The patient patient is the story of how he fights the dreaded disease. At one place in the novel one of the characters says that in English the word patient has two meanings and cancer tests you on both of them. Hence the title the patient patient.

The author Tushar Rishi is himself a cancer survivor. This novel is based on his own experiences. But this book is not a sob story. Rather it is a story of courage, hope and a stroke of destiny. It is sparkling work of grace. Many people have written about their maladies. But this book is very much unlike them. It is the most positive book which I have read.

At the same time the author’s tryst with the disease adds credulity to the narration. The way he creates a private and a government hospital in front of us is simply brilliant. You can feel the interiors, the patients and even the pipes pierced through their bodies. His co-fighters too come across as real people, again with tremendous optimism. He lays bare the hospital culture. He states that private hospitals may have state of art facilities, but when it comes to expertise of the doctors, there is no match to government hospitals.

I liked the following lines from the book ‘When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills.’ ‘You’ll have to learn to enjoy whatever comes your way! Life is always beautiful; you just have to look at it differently.’ ‘I would like to tell all my fellow patients, don’t fear a good peaceful death. Fear a bad chaotic life.’

The book is simply flawless. It is hard to believe that this is the first book of the writer. Sam and his relationship with his parents comes across as real. I always say nothing works like honesty. This honestly written book is a page turner. This poignant tale entertains you and at the same time teaches many things about life. This book is a must read. Don’t miss it.

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