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Thursday, 16 January 2020

Abyss - Book Review

I am really impressed with Sabarna Roy's play Abyss. Well etched characters, quirky dialogues and conflict that is introduced early, make this play highly entertaining.

A business martinet, who doesn't approve of her only child's lover, warring cousins and a faithful employee who seems to have changed sides, Abyss has every essential of a good play. The story is believable with characters that are easy to relate to. This being a play, it was important that every character should exhibit its traits through dialogues, and the author highly succeeds on this front.

This is a murder mystery and the author does a wonderful job of camouflaging the true murderer. He weaves compelling circumstances which make you look at every character with suspicion. This is his success as a playright.

I am dying to see this play being enacted on the stage. I am sure it will run full houses. I also look forward to read and watch other plays by Sabarna Roy.

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