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Friday, 24 January 2020

Frosted Glass - Book Review

Sabarna Roy's Frosted Glass is a collection a story cycle comprising of fourteen stories and a poem cycle comprising of twenty-one poems.
The stories are set in Calcutta and are deeply engaging. They revolve around a variety of subjects – man-woman relationships, conflict with long-held morals and ethics, migration from villages to cities, class inequality and even environmental degradation. The stories are fast moving. With the well engraved characters, sharp dialogues, the author lays bare the deep rooted human psyche. Rahul is the common character in all the stories. He has so many shades to his character that I totally agree with the author when he says that Rahul is many persons rolled into one.

All the stories are wonderfully written. Yet, I liked the Act of Revenge the Most. I have read the previous work of the author. He is one of the few authors whose works I eagerly look forward to. Believe me when I say that Sabarna Roy never disappoints. Buy this book, you will repent not reading it. 

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