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Thursday, 26 March 2020

21 Days Lock down day 1

Today is the day of many firsts. It is Gudi Padwa, beginning of the Marathi new year. One of the most auspicious days of the year. Also, today is the first day of the 21 days lockdown period to defeat covid 19 or corona virus as it is popularly called.

I decided to document my life for these 21 days for I may not come across any such situation in my future life. The posterity may not encounter such lockdown. This period has to be documented. Though we are optimistic we don't know what will happen after 21 days. That gives birth to a feeling of lingering uncertainty. The TV channels will document the incidents. But this series will document my life, my emotions. I wish this 21 days diary ends with a happy ending.

To begin with when the Prime Minister announced a 21 day lockdown, I resolved that I will not waste these 21 days. Yes, I will binge watch, sleep more than necessary, but I would also do something meaningful.

My day started with Jal neti. Kaivalyadham has suggested to start day with Jal neti. I am allergic. My guru had told me to do Jalneti only once a week. Being allergic, I always had mucus in my nose and bile in my throat. Let us see if this 21 day practice helps. Did pranayama as suggested by Kaivalyadham to build immunity against the virus. The pranayama includes three rounds of sixty kapal bhatis each, 10 suryabhedan pranayam (inhale and five sheetali. I am climbing stairs twice a day for half an hour in the morning and in the evening. Preparing to go to Girnar once things are normal. I am grateful that there is ample to eat at home. I can concentrate on other things. It pains me when I see people on the streets some out of compulsion and some thinking it of some picnic.

I have started reading the Bhagwat Geeta. Have many commentaries of the said holy book in my library. Yet, I found it extremely boring and couldn't ever complete the reading. Strangely, with this lockdown I am finding it easy to digest. I am reading two chapters each day. Its message is sinking inside me. Moreover, it is undeniably part of our culture, part of our heritage and even history.

I am writing first draft of my serialized story for A2ZChallenge. I have been writing regularly for the past six days. I can make out, both the quantity and quality of my writing has improved. The practice of years is finally yielding some results.

I have to thank the internet service provides and web streaming platforms particularly mxplayer, youtube and hotstar. Watched Badhaai Ho on hotstar. I am still in awe of Surekha Sikri's performance. The webseries that I am currently viewing on an episode a day basis are Operation MBBS and Cubicles. Loving both of them.

I am calling up my friends, most of them now have all the time in the world to chat. The disease has brought us closer. I can make out who my true friends and who will stay my friends up to the end of my life.

I am spending more time with my child and participating in household chores. I have become more appreciative of the value addition that my wife does to my house. She does lots of hard work and has loads of patience.

My mother is perpetually parked in front of the television catching the latest updates. She is particular about the age of the casualties. 'All were above sixty,' she says and then consoles herself by saying, 'They had complications like BP and sugar too.' I suggest her to step away from the television. I guess that will help. I have a friend who doesn't watch or hear news. She came to know about the lockdown this evening when I told her about it. Unbelievable, yet true.

The number of patients in my home district Sangli are increasing and the doctors who are treating them are my school friends. I would be dishonest if I say that I am not worried about them. But still the tendency of subconscious is lifeward. A hope silently sits in my heart and a prayer on my lips. Day one over. With lots of hope and a little anxiety. Let us see what the future holds for us.

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