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Sunday, 29 March 2020

Day 3 of 21 days Lockdown

I raise at 3.30 in the morning, a time when most of my friends go to sleep these days. Every pore of my body is feeling optimistic. All will be fine, my heart says.

I surf the internet, read the news and then again go to sleep by six. I wake up by seven fifteen and Ramayan is trending on twitter. By noon, there is news that even Mahabharat will have a rerun on public demand. The memes making fun of netflix and amazon prime are hilarious.

Jal neti is not making much change. Yet, I continue with it. The temperature is soaring, no work, rather less work is making me lazy. No, I am not getting lazy, my routine is broken and so is my work cycle.

I read newspapers on the net. Corona, corona and only corona nothing more. The same goes for television. In operation MBBS the three friends have a fight. Could relate to it. We all have spats with our friends. Remembered my friend Rubina saying 'We all are friends, we fight and come together again.' Will wait for the friends to be reunited again.'

'God knows if we will survive.' A friend says over the phone. Every one is scared, yet not all are following the rules. People are out every where. The life of migrant labourers is so difficult. It is high time that we device some social security measures for them. My heart was bleeding on seeing men, women, young and the old walking on foot for hundreds of kilometres. I wondered what were they carrying in the sacks which they were balancing on their heads. A pair of clothes, some utensils, a stove – the things that make house a home. But the harsh reality still remains - how will the house run, in the absence of money that comes in the form of daily wages. May be the barren patch of land in the village and a dilapidated house, offers some security and perhaps a few morsels of rice too.

We are living in an era of uncertainity. This is once in a hundred years calamity for sure. We don't know how it will end. But still there is hope. Things will be fine.

Tomorrow is going to be a new day. My three years daughter is super excited about the Ramayan. 'When is it coming up?' She keeps on asking me again and again. 'Even I haven't seen the Ramayan.' My mother says, 'We had a TV set when Mahabharat had come up, but not during Ramayan time.' I remember catching a few episodes of Ramayan on black and white TV set of my father's uncle in the company of my grand mother and great-grand mother. But my mother was conspiciously absent. Perhaps the rule book for a daughter-in-law didn't allow her to be a part of the audience or may be her self-esteem prevented her from going to another's house to watch a TV programme. I believe it was the latter part that was true.

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