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Sunday, 29 March 2020

Day 4 of 21 days lockdown

The power cuts are frequent and that is what makes Ramayan even boring. Deepika, the actress who had played Sita had expressed apprehensions about the pace of the TV series. She was afraid if the today's generation would love a series with such a slow pace and told that even her daughters had not watched it. Everything was over the top, a song broke every few minutes and the story moved at a snail's pace. Do I have to tell that I didn't watch any further episodes?

Mahabharat on the contrary was bang on. The characters in this epic are more in number and are colourful with their unique human traits that are not always ideal. No wonders it was a fast paced drama, with an interesting story. I am hooked to it. Ved Vyas undoubtedly is one of the greatest writers the world has ever produced. Even if he merely documented the history, that is no mean feat.

I could forge a relation with Ganga when she says, 'You will not ask me any questions.' I wanted to tell the same to my daughter, who kept on asking me umpteen questions. 'Why was Ganga drowning her own children?' How could I explain that too her. Are our epics violent? Remember reading somewhere that in the Jain version of Ramayana it is not Ram, but Laxman who kills or probably lays Ravan unconscious.

Enough of Ramayan and Mahabharat for both have taken toll on my routine again. I didn't write a word, thanks to the series.

Spoke to a friend from Pune. He is afraid of an epidemic, for the citizens, the people in his neighbourhood are all on the streets. Speaking of my home district, people are saying the family which brought the disease didn't quarantine themselves for fourteen days, though they were directed to do so. God save my country.

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