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Friday, 3 April 2020


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Vinay felt relaxed sitting on that wicker chair while sipping the hot tea and watching the setting sun. Admiring the crimson coloured sky, he said, 'The sky looks like a painting, doesn't it?'

Hearing this Sulabha gulped down the tea which she had already sipped and then placed back the half-filled cup on the teapoy with a sense of urgency. 'I completely forgot to tell you about it. Good that you said painting, come I have to show you something.' She said and pulled Vinay by his hand into the house. Vinay drew her closer and placed his lips on hers. He was lost in the fragrance that her body offered. 'Tell me what it is?' Vinay whispered in her ears.

'It is a surprise.' She said and took the flight of the stairs. Once they had reached the first floor she asked Vinay to close his eyes and escorted him to the guest room.
'No cheating.' She said and then covered his eyes with her own hands. Never had been her touch so intoxicating. Vinay who already had a hard on wanted to swirl around, peel off the clothes on their bodies and make love to Sulabha. He had sensed that Sulabha too was in a romantic mood. They hadn't made love since they had moved in, and hence, he wanted to take it slowly.

'Now open your eyes.' She said.
Vinay opened his eyes. His face turned ashen on seeing what lay in front of his eyes. How? He wanted to ask. But words didn't find a way to his mouth.

Sulabha on the other hand was bubbling with excitement. 'I never told you but I used to paint while I was in college. My parents didn't approve of it. They thought it was just a waste of time and I should better concentrate on my studies. So painting took a book seat. But once we moved into this house, set amidst natural surroundings, the painter within me resurfaced.'

Vinay didn't speak a word. Then she grabbed Vinay from behind and placed her hands across his chest. She rested her head against his back and closed her eyes. Holding him in a tight embrace she said, 'Thank you so much Vinay. Thank you for everything. This is a dream come true.' Then she gently bit his left ear, licked it and said, 'By the way Vinay I want to try body painting as well.'

A few minutes ago, Vinay would have dropped his clothes and jumped upon the idea of painting their bodies, but having seen the painting he had lost both his mood and the hard on.

Vinay gently released himself from her embrace. For him this was no less than a nightmare. Sulabha had painted a portrait of the same woman in white. The same dove eyes, full lips and the hour glass figure. Although, Vinay had encountered that woman only once, her image was perpetually etched in his memory for reasons unknown to him.

He gently placed both his hands on Sulabha's shoulders and asked her, 'Who is this woman?'
'You mean the woman in the painting?'
'Yes, where did you come across her?'
Sulabha laughed, straightened her imaginary collar and said, 'She is the outcome of this great artist's imagination.'
'This is not the time for jokes. Tell me where did you see this woman.'
'I am not joking Vinay. I have never seen this woman. But why are you so indignant on seeing her?'

Vinay took a deep breath and then looking at the painting he said, 'That is because I feel I have seen her somewhere.'
'I don't remember.' He said. The woman in the painting was smiling at him. He had not broken her trust and revealed their secret meeting with Sulabha.
That whole night Vinay couldn't sleep. He wanted to know more about the woman. That chance encounter with her, Sulabha painting her picture – all this was too strange to be called a coincidence. Deep in his heart he knew he had some connection with this woman. He trusted her instictively. He believed that she meant no harm to her. He wanted to know more about her. She was a mystery but now Vinay resolved to unfold it.

The next morning he got up early. Gingerly he got out of the bed. He didn't wish to disturb Sulabha from her sleep. Had she woken up, she would not have allowed him to step out of the house. 'You had fever yesterday. Don't venture out into the cold.' She would have said. He wanted to meet the mystery woman again, and he felt that she wouldn't meet him if Sulabha accompanied him.

Vinay changed into his track suit and tied his shoes. He removed his shoes and went back into the house. He opened the safe to take out the camera. While doing so he inadvertantly looked into the mirror. He admired his near perfect jawline, sinewy muscles and a flat stomach. After all he was only forty and not at all old. He noticed that Sulabha was sleeping peacefully. He slowly walked out of the room.

He stepped out of the house, not for any morning walk but to meet her. He went up to the main road. He saw peacocks, rabbits and even a mongoose chasing a snake. But that day they didn't interest him. He was interested in meeting someone else and he could feel that strange pull. He returned back to the house. He was expecting her to be waiting at the gate like she had the other day. But he was utterly disappointed on not seeing her at the gate. He lingered at the gate for sometime. May be she was late. May be she will come in some time. Vinay waited for an hour, did some stretches. All the while his eyes were searching for that mysterious figure, and then he heard her melodious voice. 'I am here.' She said. She was standing on the terrace. Vinay adjusted the lens and took a picture. 
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