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Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Rest and Unrest

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But there was no response. So Sulabha ambled towards the door. Before she could reach there, two khadi clad policemen came inside. Nisha staggered behind them.
'Who is the owner of the house?' The well built and moustached of the two and probably the boss of the other cop asked.

Vinay stepped forward, 'What is it Sahib? I am Vinay, the owner of the house. Please have a seat.'
The senior sat on the edge of the sofa while the junior stood besides him.
'Water.' Said Nisha and placed the two glasses on teapoy.

The senior gulped down the entire glass of water in one go and then said, 'We have received a tip that something sinister is going in this bungalow.'
Sulabha who had put the pan on the stove to make tea, wiped the sweat on her forehead with her pallu.

'Sir, you seem to have been mistaken. We are respectable members of the society. We would be the last persons to indulge in anything like this.' Vinay pleaded.
The cop smirked and said, 'The irony is that the more respectable and influential a person is, the deeper are his legs in illegal activities.'

Vinay couldn't understand what the cop was speaking about. Even Nisha was perplexed.
Reading their expressions, the cop said, 'Ok. Let me straight come to the point. Tell me wasn't a skeleton found in your garden?'
Vinay mumbled to reply. Nisha came from his behind and gently placed his hand on his shoulder. Gathering strength Vinay nodded his head.

'You call yourself well educated and respected. So wasn't it your duty to inform the police about your discovery?'
Vinay kept mum. The police continued, 'You didn't stop at that, you used it perform black magic. Do you knowing performing black magic is punishable up to five years of imprisonment?'

Vinay was flummoxed. He looked at Nisha who was equally clueless. Sulabha was on her way with the tea cups in her hands. Hearing the words black magic and imprisonment her hands trembled and the tea cups started dancing in the tray. Nisha quickly took the tray in her hands, while Sulabha retired to her room citing headache.

Nisha told the police that it was true that they had indeed found a skeleton in their garden, but it was wrong to say that they had performed any black magic. She brought forth the skeleton and asked the police if they could spot any evidence of black magic on the skeleton. Usually people anoint it with kumkum, oils, lemons, blood or what not, she said. Here, there was nothing like that. She told the policemen that she was a qualified doctor. She told further that she knew for sure that keeping a skeleton was not an offence. Hearing this the policemen mellowed down.

'Next time, come with better evidence,' She wanted to say. But Vinay stopped her. He removed five thousand rupees and handed it over to the police. The matter somehow had to be hushed up.

'I am going this time. But remember, if you again indulge in any such activities, the consequences will not be good.' The police were pleased with the money and they left.

Nisha closed the door and Vinay sank into the sofa.
'What is all this?' He said to no one in particular.
'Even I don't know about it. But we will have to unearth it soon.' Nisha said. That was when Sulabha stepped out of her room. Seeing that the situation was very much under control, she was relieved. Humming a song, she sauntered to the drawing room and sat next to Vinay. Placing his head on her lap, she asked, 'Is everything OK baby?'

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