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Monday, 30 June 2014

George Washington Carver

My dear George Washington Carver,
You are my inspiration. But why? You were born as a slave. Those were the days when dealing in slaves was a lucrative business. As a result slaves were kidnapped and sold again. Your mother too was kidnapped while you were still a toddler. You never met your mother again. Your mother's white master raised you. You even inherited your name from them. You had speech difficulties. You were given an opportunity of learning because you were too weak for the manual work which the racist expected black like you to do. You had inborn love for nature. You worked hard. You were gardener, domestic help, cook, washer-man. But you were never given an opportunity to be a normal child who could play and sleep by his mother's bosom when tired. You did many such menial tasks, but never drifted from your goal to learn and to serve the community. You made an abandoned stable your home. There were many difficulties. You were denied the very right to live. Still you worked hard. On completion of your education it would have been very easy for you to get a well paying job. But what did you do? You committed yourself to conservation of natural resources. You are one of the earliest proponents of what has now become a worldwide movement of people committed to the respectful use of natural resources. You could have added fortune to fame but caring for neither, you found happiness and honour in being helpful to the world. From where you learnt the skill to remain positive when there was no any ray of hope around? How inspite of all the injustice, that too for no fault of yourself, you maintained the equanimity and served others? You were a great man. But you too were human. If you could conquer the Mount Everest of the difficulties, why can't we face the day to day problems of our luxurious lives? Thank you Mr. Carver for meeting me years after your death through your biographies. You are a light house for all of us who feel defeated with just a few incisive strokes of life.
With all the love and respects.

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