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Saturday, 28 June 2014


Whom you call an inspiration? A person who makes you more efficient, more successful, more rich and stretches you to your limits? The person about whom I am going to talk today has neither inspired me to become more successful nor has he motivated me to work harder. He has taught me to do nothing and just sit silently. Still he is a great source of inspiration for me. In today's age every one will tell you how to work faster and better. That will result in increased levels of stress and anxiety, which in turn cause physical and mental problems. But there are very few who will ask you to slow down. I had seen him many times on the cover of his iconic book Autobiography of a Yogi. The best seller is easily available at all the railway book stalls. I had seen it at the railway stations but it still never arouse any curiosity in my mind. Thereafter one of my friends wrote great things about the book on his blog. That made me to purchase the book. I was travelling to Bangalore from Mumbai. I carried the book authored by Yogananda with me as a time pass in the long journey. The book was very heavy and boring. I met a friend in Mumbai. I gifted her the book and went to see the Bangalore palace. I watched all the belongings of the Maharaja in awe. At the exit one face from the wall stared at me point blank. His eyes pierced into my heart. It was Yogananda's photo with the Maharaja of Mysore. I wondered if it was a message. I returned to Mumbai. But Yogananda had occupied my heart. I brought the book again. I even brought other books authored by him. To my great surprise he was so different from other sages. He had a scientific outlook towards the things. Westerners do not accept anything until it is backed by scientific evidence. Yoganada even turned these sceptic western minds to eastern spirituality by passing the high tests of science. He even convinced my rational mind by appealing to my reason.  He brought regularity into my meditations. He turned me calmer. I can feel his presence around me all the time. He inspires me to slow down, smell the lillies, observe the blue sky and listen to the songs of the birds. While running to achieve lofty ambitions, we are losing our contact with ourselves. Yogananda kindled the spark in me that reconnected me with the real myself. 
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