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Monday, 23 June 2014

Happiest moment of my life

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I was browsing through my old slam book. One of the categories in it was titled as “The happiest moment of my life.” For some getting a distinction in the examination had brought the greatest happiness. For some it was the purchase of their first bike or moving into their new home. Someone special had brought the happiest moment in the lives of some. For many the happiest moment in their lives was yet to come.
I pondered over my life and found it was brimming with snippets of happiness. But I love one of them the most. I was in college then. I had to travel by bus to reach my college. Bus no. 203 had a stop near my home. But it was infrequent. Officially there was a bus at the interval of every one hour. However one single bus plied to and fro on the route. As a result if one trip was late, the entire schedule of the bus would go haywire.
Many a times I waited for the bus and it never came or I learnt that it was late. I had to walk two kilometers to get the other bus viz. bus no. 8 from the main bus stand.
Back then we had passes which were manually punched by the bus conductor.  Thus you could travel to and from only once in a day. One day after attending all the classes sincerely, I went to the bus stop to return home. Bus no. 8 had arrived and I boarded it.  A bird in hand is better than two in the bush, I said to myself.  The thought of walking two kilometers to reach home crept in. But I consoled myself by saying that it was better than waiting for indefinite time for bus no. 203.  As the conductor came near me, I gave him my pass to punch. He saw the route mentioned in the bus and told me that bus no. 203 was just behind our bus. He returned my pass unpunched. I got down from the bus at the next stop and boarded bus no. 203.  I was very happy. Neither had the conductor gifted me something precious nor was he the special person in my life. But the little bit of information he shared was smacked with care and love. This was enough to elate me. If all of us become like him we will fill this earth with happiness up to its brim.

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