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Monday, 23 June 2014

The Seed

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I believe people inspire you even by their subtle acts. As a school going boy I was walking on the road. An elderly man was quietly standing by the side of the road. I went to ask him if he needed any help. He replied in the affirmative and asked me if I had any water. I removed the water bottle from my schoolbag. It was hot outside. The sun was scorching heat. I thought the old man must be thirsty. He took my bottle. He opened it and took some water in the cap of the bottle. He stooped down with the bottle in his one hand and cap into the other. There was a tiny bird on the side of the road. It was a baby which had fallen from its nest. The old man was caring for the bird so that no one would trample upon it and cats and dogs would not harm it. The bird squealed exposing its tender red mouth. The old man tried to put some water into its beak. The bird was happy to have the water. “It feels that his mother is around to feed him,” said the old man.
“Can I carry it to my house?” I asked the old man.
“Yes for sure. But remember it is not a toy with which you can play for some time and throw away. You will have to take care of the bird like your own baby. Do you promise to do that?”
“Yes. I promise.”
After I promised him, he placed the tiny bird in my little palms. I carried the bird to my home and placed it in a box with my old handkerchief as bedding. I fed the bird milk with a dropper. After some time the bird felt better. It walked a few steps. I was happy. I went out to play. After I returned I went to look for my baby. The box was infested with ants. My bird had died. Latter I learned that young ones of birds which fall from the nest seldom survive. Other birds ensure that they do not survive.
However, that old man had installed in me a value to care for other living beings. Many years later I did many research works regarding the protection of the environment. But that little act of the unknown old man had sowed a seed of environment protection in me. Now that it has turned into a huge tree, I express my gratitude towards him. He continues to be a constant source of inspiration for me. 

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