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Thursday, 16 October 2014

As beautiful as her

I am a civil engineer by profession. So most of the times, my place of work is a construction site. My job requires me to stand long hours in scorching sun amidst the specs of dust arising from the cement mixer and other construction activity. One day when I looked into the mirror, I found pigmentation on my face. 

        This is how the expressions on my face changed on seeing the pigmentation.

                        I felt my face was reflecting from the mirror like this

But all that is a part of history. These days I wake up early morning, have a bath and change into fresh clothes. I have lot of work and very little time. I gulp down a glass of milk and munch on some nuts. In a jiffy I am behind the wheel. I drive myself to the construction site.  I have arrived at my destination – my work place.

 I gaze from the construction site from the window of the car. The brick and mortar lying there will be transformed into a beautiful mansion soon. Just like the way Garnier BB Cream transformed my pigmented, sun-burnt skin into an even toned, beautiful, soft skin that too in an instant. BB Cream is indeed a miracle skin perfector. Given the nature of my work, at times I do not even get time to have my lunch. But when it comes to my skin, BB Cream has made my work easy. Before stepping out of my car, I take it out of the stowage and  apply a little from the middle of my face outwards with light circular strokes.

I look into the car mirror. I thank BB Cream for making me beautiful that too instantly. When I have applied the miracle cream, I look as beautiful as her

My skin care for the day is done. That is because the light weight and comfortable texture of the BB Cream blends instantly into my skin making it beautiful for the entire day. It is indeed a miracle which I can feel not only instantly but also constantly.

My colleagues see me drenched in my work (read drenched in brick, mortar, dust and the blazing sun-light) throughout the day. They have never seen me applying any make up. They have even searched my purse for cosmetics, but have found none. They wonder how come my skin is even toned, glowing, moisturised, smooth and fair all the time.

One day I shared my secret with them. I told them that the BB cream contains Vitamin C derivative which has antioxidant properties. It has almond extract. Its SPF4 filter protects the skin from ultra-violet rays. It is enriched with mineral pigments.

Now let me share with you a secret, which I haven't shared with my peers. I have crossed my thirties (don't ask when) and BB cream reduces my lines and imperfections so that people keep guessing about my age. So when are you shifting to BB Cream?

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