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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

My Experience with Quikr

When buying at quikr takes so less time, I wondered what am I going to write in a post which is going to be of at least 850 words. Then too I will try to narrate my experience of purchasing goods at quikr.

To start with quikr is an online market place where sellers meet buyers and vice-versa. In a lighter vein, it is the matchmaking site of buyers and sellers. What can you buy and sell on quikr? Anything and everything – bikes, mobiles, gazettes and even dance classes, educational institutes, courier and matrimonial services. Isn't it amazing? Moreover you have buyers and sellers for used as well as brand new products.

To buy a product on quikr you have to first enter your city and then type the product you are searching for in the search box. I entered name of my city and typed the name of the product which I wished to buy – induction cook top. However, to my utter disappointment there were no ads for my search. 

So I changed the city to Mumbai and searched again. This time I was lucky and found many induction cook tops put up for sale.

 One more thing which I liked about quikr was that it offered filters. So even when I had selected the city as Mumbai it offered filters with regard to various localities in Mumbai. So you can find a seller in your locality or one whom you can meet on your way to office. So you know where your seller is exactly located. 

Then there is filter with regard to the price. As this filter is in fixed slabs, quikr has also the unique feature of setting custom price. So you can fix your budget and set the custom budget and search for the product you wish to buy. Moreover, there are also filters with regard to the brands of the product. So if you wish to buy a product of a particular brand only, you can tick the box of that brand and quikr will show you the search results for that particular brand only. Similarly, you can select whether you want to buy a used product or a new product. Also you can select whether you want to buy from a dealer or an individual. You can also filter your search results on the basis of the time period for which the ad has been posted. So you can select to see the latest ads and be the first to grab the deal. Also you can select to see the ads with photos and dismiss the ads without photographs. Ads with photos gave me an idea of the kind of products on offer. Also the ads of sale can be set apart from the ads of purchase.

As my budget for the induction cook top was rupees five thousand and as there was no box for upto rupees five thousand, I set my custom price of rupees five thousand. However, selecting the custom amount of Rs 5000 was not an easy task. I was unable to fix the needle at exact Rs.5000.

As it was not possible for me to go to Mumbai and inspect the cook tops manually, I decided to go for brand new products which were sold by reputed dealers. I clicked on the product which interested me. The telephone number of the dealer was displayed on the right hand side at the top. 

However, I dropped a message by clicking on the button reply to this ad and asked the seller if he could deliver the product to me at my address. 

I did not receive any answer for three days. I guess it was due to Diwali holidays and the adjoining Sunday. However, on Monday evening I received a call from the seller telling that they will deliver the product to my address. I asked them whether I will get the delivery before 31st of October as I had to write a review for blogadda. The lady over the phone by name Priya Patil told me that I will definitely get the delivery within a day or two. She asked me to deposit the amount in the bank account provided by her. The very next day I deposited the amount in the account told by her. This is the induction cook top I found on quikr. I bought it for Rs.2500.

Having purchased induction cook top, I proceeded to purchase kadai, needless to say I was befikar only because of quikr. I surreptiously stumbled upon electric kadai. 

The very thought of having an electric kadai in my house excited me. Every house will have a kadai, but very few houses will have an electric kadai. The search results for kadai showed in three categories – electronics & appliances, kitchen appliances, home & lifestyle and household. I clicked on electronics & appliances. I simply loved the product and contacted the seller over the phone. Even the kadai was priced at Rs.2500.

This is the electric kadai I bought

Quikr also helps you in delivering the product to your place, of course for a price. 

However, I was lucky as both my sellers offered free home delivery to me. So my induction cook top and kadai were shipped through a courier. I received it in two days.  It was neatly packed. I was very happy to open the products which I had purchased. Here is I, me and my induction cook top and kadai. 

My morning tea being made on my induction cook top which I had purchased from quikr

I loved shopping on quikr. But I feel that it has to take steps to enhance its reach. Moreover, it should also take steps to ensure the credibility of the sellers. 

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