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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Yes Ma, I have realized it

The best part of having a child is you revisit your childhood. Whenever, I look at my son, I get a glimpse of how I would have been as a child. The same eyes, the same jawline. Whenever I buy toys from him I remember the toys which I had as a child. The same railway engine, the same bat and ball and the same teddy bear. Not much has changed, I say to myself. Yes, but when it comes to nursery rhymes everything has changed. I wish I had such colourful books and lovely poems.

Given the amount of words my child babbles, I wonder where from my mother had got all that patience. “You will realize when you become a parent,” the favourite one liner of my mother echoes in my ears.

But still parenthood has it own set of joys. The first time you realize you are going to be a father, the first time you hold your tiny one in your hands, his first look, first smile and first baby foot step are definitely moments to be treasured.

There is a happiness in listening to a child's meaningless babbles. There is joy in placing sweet meat in his greedy palms. There is happiness in singing out songs to make him dance. When reciting alphabets after him, study becomes a pleasurable activity. Indeed with every little activity that the child does, the whole house bathes in the light of pleasure. All the tensions of adulthood are lost in its smile. Where does he draw so much of energy from? Childhood has its own set of pleasures.

With the birth of my son, I suddenly lost all my interest in dressing up. Earlier I was a dapper. Now my world revolves around him. Whenever I pass across a ready made garment shop, my eyes search for the clothes which will make my little one look like an angel. “Baluuuu..Leddd. Gleeen” I say to myself as I look at those colourful clothes for children. “Yes Sir, what can I do for you?” asks the salesman and my reverie is broken.

When my son was born, little did I realize that he would occupy so much of place in my heart. But he is the integral part of my life. Whenever I think about my future, I am thinking about his future. Children are incarnations of God, for they have not yet imbibed the vices of worldly living. They are delivered to you, directly from the Almighty. I thank Him, for he gave me an opportunity of being a father. Being a parent is the most selfless activity. It is all about giving everything and receiving abundant joy in return. 

When my son, falls ill my world turns upside down. So I make it a point that he never falls ill by giving him Dabur Chyawanprash daily. The health of the apple of my eye is most important. Yes Ma, now that I am a parent, I have realized it. 

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  1. Very beautifully written, depicts the father-son relationship in all its purity! :)