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Sunday, 15 February 2015

5 reasons why the Asus Zenfone is my ideal Valentine

Hey I have found a perfect Valentine. It is sleek, efficient, reliable, intelligent and smart. It is none other than Asus Zenfone a smart phone. There are many many reasons for me falling in love with it. Let me enumerate a few.

Reason no. 1 It has a really long battery life. Smart phone have smart features but they usually do not have much of battery life. The result whether in trains or in class rooms you will have to hunt for those sockets where you could plug your chargers. But you will not face this difficulty with Asus Zenfone. That is because Asus Zenfone has not compromised on battery life. I wanted my partner to have a long life and Asus Zenfone indeed has a long battery life. Isn't this reason enough to make it my ideal valentine. It ensures that I can make calls, browse the net, message my friends without worrying about the battery getting drained.

Reason no. 2 is price. Asus Zenfone is quite cheap compared to the features it is offering. There are many mobiles with similar features. But when it comes to price Asus Zenfone is best in the category. It provides you all the high end features at the lowest price. These days when relationships are becoming expensive to maintain I had to spend a very little fortune for my valentine. It fits in my pocket money without burning a big hole into it.

Reason no. 3 was of course camera. Asus Zenfone has a wonderful camera. Even the pictures taken in night had great clarity. These days smart phones have pathetic picture quality when clicked in the night. But Asus Zenfone came as a pleasant surprise. It has High Quality 5-element Optical formula lens with which you can take amazing full HD pictures. No wonders I have sleek profile pictures on facebook. A new profile picture for every day with the help of my beloved.

Reason no. 4. Asus Zenfone has a good processor. It is a true multitasker. You can run multiple applications and my valentine will never give you an opportunity to complain. Its Intel Atom 2520 provides best performance. One more reason to fall in love that too knee deep. I am really grateful that my Asus Zenfone does so many things for me at a time without a grain of complaint.

Reason no. 5. Good looks. I never went for looks for me the person mattered the most. I have already enumerated the various features of my valentine. But I could not restrain myself from sharing the good looks of my valentine. It is sleek and beautiful. Once you touch it, it will be difficult for you to take your hands away from it. Thank you my valentine for all the love you brought in my life. Indeed brains and performance come together with good looks in today's age too. 

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