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Saturday, 14 February 2015

Glasses of Happiness on the eyes

My teenage son was sitting quiet in the corner which was indeed quiet unnatural for him.
What is the matter son?” I asked him.
I have got specs.” He said in a low voice.
Oh! That's great.” I said with enthusiasm.
“Lenses add to the beauty of the eyes, don't they?” I continued.
I will look nerdy in those glasses.” He said. The disappointment in his voice was palpable.

Lenskart India offers best of the brands. I would not be wrong if I say that Lenskart is the fashion store for the eyes. It will transform you into a smart, good looking guy. So give up your fears of looking nerdy chashmish after wearing those glasses. Lenskart has the best of the brands. So you have Ray-Ban, Tag Heuer, Maui Jim, Oakley, John Jacobs, Polaroid, Carrera.”

Really?” For the first time in that conversation I could feel excitement in the voice of my son.
Yes my dear son. Gone are the days when buying those glasses was an headache. The frame you liked most of the times was expensive. If the frame did not fit into your budget then you spent countless valuable time on haggling with the optician. Many a times your optician did not have that particular brand which you wanted to own. He would tell you that he will order it and you will get in a few days. You kept on visiting his shop to enquire if your frame is available. The optician would tell you with that permanent smile fixed on his face that it would come in a day or two. When the frame finally arrived you were disappointed as it was not of the colour or shade you wished. Thanks to Lenskart that all that is a part of history. For you the smarter generation there is the smarter online store known as Lenskart.”

So nice to hear that. Do they offer any discounts.”
Yes. That too massive discounts.

I could see the spark in his eyes. I took a deep breath, made a straight face and continued. “Having understood what is in store at Lenskart let us move to the most important part of the negotiation. How much discount I am getting? Here I have got some good news for you. is the site that will offer you numerous deals. It has more than 40 offers when it comes to Lenskart. Simply use the coupons and get the best deal.” 

Is it easy?”
Are you the one asking this question. You happen to be quite computer savvy. It is simple. Don't feel that it is some rocket science. Using coupons at is very simple and easy. You can redeem Lenskart Discount Coupon from the priceburp site and choose the frame you like or your want. This is simple, isn't it. So what are you waiting for?” Find out exciting offers by clicking here.

I am all ears Papa. Please tell me more.” Said my son.
Well you can filter your results regarding the Lenskart store offers. You can choose whether you want coupons or deals. If you want best of both the worlds you can select all from the drag box.”

Subscribe newsletters and alerts
Further don't miss any offers on Lenskart. You can sign up for the Lenskart newsletters by simply entering your email id here. All the offers, coupon codes and deals will be daily delivered into your inbox. Isn't that great?”

Thank you papa.” Said the apple of my eye as he fondled with his smart phone.
What are doing my dear son?”

Papa I was really unhappy when I heard that I will have to adorn those specs on my face. But now that you have told me about Lenskart I was busy checking the frames on the Lenskart online store. Plus I had the discount coupons. So I decided to buy shades for you as well.”

Thanks son for being so considerate. I am lucky to have a son like you.” I said.

Papa thanks to those exciting offers from Lenskart online store, Lenskart coupons which offered massive discounts, I was able to squeeze two purchases in the price of won. I love you and I love discount deals regarding Lenskart as well.”

Both of us had a good laugh. We happily sported our purchases from Lenskart. Lenskart had covered our eyes with glasses of happiness.

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