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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Buy a car on Quikr Nxt

Buying and selling anything is a very tedious task. Yes these days you can even put up your old goods for sale on the various websites. You get a good response too. But most of the times at the wrong time. You are having your lunch. You are relishing your favourite palak paneer sabzi cooked by your mother for you. You are totally lost in a world different altogether. At that time your phone rings and the prospective buyer wants to make an enquiry. You are at the open house of your child. The teacher is explaining how good your child is in English. Your chest protrudes. The teacher further tells that your child should work hard when it comes to mathematics. You are bit worried. At this point again your phone rings. It is again the prospective buyer. (Didn't I tell you that you get amazing response on quikr). But again right now you are in no mood to speak about the article you want to sell. Isn't your child's future much more important.

You return home tired. You are taken back by a pleasant surprise to see that your wife has not made plans to visit any relative or go to any mall. She has sent the children to her parent's place. She is dressed up to the hilt and is wearing your favourite pink lipstick. She is in a romantic mood today. She grabs your shirt and pushes you closer. You can feel the mesmerizing perfume which she is wearing. You bring your lips closer to her. Your lips are about to touch her. That is when the phone rings. Again your ad is getting amazing response and it is the prospective buyer. All your bedroom plans whither in a jiffy.

But for you all unfortunate souls there is some good news. Quikr Nxt has come as a boon for all the sellers. Here you do not have to share your contact number or email id with any one. Quikr ID will be the point of contact. You can use Qukr Nxt and chat with the prospective buyers on your smart phone as well as the website, isn't it amazing?

This will ensure that our valuable moments remain intact and undisturbed. At the same time you will not miss on any buyer. Plus the cherry on the cake is that you will not have to keep notes of all the calls and offers which you received.

It has also made purchasing a car very easy. During the chat you can ask your seller to take a picture of the car from a particular angle. You can also ask to take video of the car from inside. By sharing images and videos you will get to know the car which you propose to buy. Thanks to Quikr Nxt buying a car online has become too easy. Thanks Quikr and hope you keep on making buying and selling easy for us. Car buying was never so easy before the Quikr Nxt days. 

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