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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Befikar Umar Bhar

Living life without any worries is indeed a dream. I am happy that I am lucky to at least have got an opportunity to ponder over as to how I would lead my life if there were no worries at all. So let me enumerate the five things that I would do if there was nothing holding me back.

I love travelling. I want to visit all those wonderful places on the earth. I want to climb those snow covered mountains and I want to float on the dead sea. I want to visit every man-made and natural place of special significance. Whether the place is well known for its scenic beauty or for its place in the history, I simply love to travel. But as of now I have to meticulously plan my journey considering the number of leaves I will be entitled to. If there was no job holding me back, I would definitely go for globe trotting. It is my dream to live the life of a nomad, of a gypsy.

If sleep did not deprive me I would go on to read all the books I wanted to read. I am very fond of reading. I love biographies and spiritual books the most. I love travelogues as well. But again I have to take out the time for reading, which I indeed do. The eyes will ache, the clock will show the time to leave for the office and I will have to close the book. I have started making list of those books which I would read when there would no other thing to do.

Meditation gives me immense pleasure. Meditation is the thing which I would like to do without any other thoughts troubling me. Yes, it is the work of the mind to think and thoughtless mind is nothing but the state of nirvana. Yes man gives up the material desires and hankers for spiritual objects and I am no exception to it.

Trek in the Himalayas
I want to trek in the Himalayas. Many a times I make plans to trod the gifted soil of the Himalayas. But trek is not always comfortable. It is about living out in the open and walking for hours together. Plus my family members are not that comfortable with the idea of going for a trek. So I feel that I am being too selfish when planning for a trek and settle for a family vacation. So with nothing to worry I am heading for the Himalayas.

If there were no worries of the future I will run and start acting in English theatre. Having been orator for all these years I know I can charm the audience with my lines. English theatre has got its own class and elan and I would be too happy to be a part of it. I love the feeling of hearing my own sound amplified. I love to see my audience awestruck with my powerhouse performances. Most importantly I love to perform. 

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