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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Cup of happiness

It was a summer morning. The clock had struck little above six. I woke up as my room was filled with light and I was feeling hot in my bed. I stretched my body, opened the door and stepped into my garden.

It was such a pleasant sight. The air outside was surprisingly cool. I could hear the chiriping of the birds. I could even spot a few small birds, whose names I did not know. I was able to identify the call of the cuckoo bird which is so peculiar in the summer mornings. However I was not able to see the bird with the melodious voice.

Mesmerized I stood in the garden soaking the beauty of nature inside. There was absolutely no sound except for those emanating from the birds. I had a sudden urge to have a cup of coffee that too while sitting in the garden.

I went inside the house, prepared my coffee and returned to the garden. Sitting on the steps of my house with a cup of coffee in my hands I closed my eyes. The smell of hot coffee mixed with the fragrance of early morning in the garden entered my lungs. I was transported to a different world all together. "Life is indeed beautiful," I said to myself. When I opened my eyes there were two curious eyes staring at me from the gate.

She stood at the gate in her soiled clothes and an old sack dangling from her left shoulder. She was a ragpicker. She stood there. Her eyes cemented upon me. Her eyes were filled with curiosity. They were so naive, so innocent. There was not an iota of jealousy in them. What was she thinking I wondered. Was she wondering as to how people lived in fancy houses overlooking gardens? Was she considering that getting to eat as  and when you feel like, was a luxury? I considered myself fortunate and a smile broke on my face. She complimented my smile.

I walked to the gate with the cup of coffee in my hands. Her eyes gazed at the cup. I listened to my heart and handed over her the cup. Hesitatingly she took the cup in her hands. I asked her to have the coffee. She sipped the coffee. Her countenance beamed with happiness which I cannot describe in words.

She finished her coffee and left. She was too unsophisticated to say thank you. I returned back to the stairs. I looked at the beauty of the nature in my garden with the empty cup in my hands. Yes, the cup was empty but I was filled with all the happiness. 

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