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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

HolidayIQ spied on me. Beware of it.

I had recently been to Hampi. I had stayed at a hotel for two days. At the time of checking I provided to the hotel manager all my details including my name and phone number. Now I had not mentioned about my Hampi visit on any public platform. Yet yesterday I received a sms on my mobile saying “Hi Mahesh, HolidayIQ will contact you for review of XXX Guest House. You can also provide it at (the link to Holiday IQ page of that hotel)”

Now I had never told anyone about my stay at the said hotel or my visit to Hampi? So how did HolidayIQ come to know about my visit and my stay? What business HolidayIQ had to contact me asking for rating of the said hotel? Had that hotel owner shared my details with HolidayIQ? What is evident is that both the hotel and HolidayIQ are indulging in unethical practices to increase their database and visibility.

HolidayIQ either you have spied on me or you have infringed my privacy or both. You cannot escape this. You are guilty. I advice all the millions of travellers to beware of HolidayIQ. This time they have got access to my phone and location. Next God knows what.

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