Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Save my friends

Asiatic Elephant
His majestic appearance always mesmerizes me. He carries the bulk of his body weight. Yet his gait may put the top ramp models to shame. With his trunk swirling as he walks on the tar roads he is quite a sight. Yes whenever I have seen him he was either chained or he was walking on the busy streets. Whenever I see him he fills my insides with an indescribable joy. I am talking about the elephant. Though his sight brings immense happiness for me, all is not well for this dear friend of mine. He is losing his habitat with the shrinking forest cover. He is being poached for his valuable tusk. He is coming in conflict with us the human species. He is hit by trains which pass through the dense forests.While we are progressing with the dream of becoming a super power, the elephant is in danger. Mining activities, road construction and putting up of new railway track is causing unprecedented harm to this massive animal. He ends up touching electric wires and gets electrocuted.  In temples and zoos he is compelled to live alone without a mate. If this continues I will never be able to see this grand creature again. Please please save my dear friend.
Indian Peacock
It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful birds. Resplendent is the one word which will describe it aptly. When it opens its plumage there is a riot of colours. Your eyes will be transfixed on its lavish fan. How can one be so beautiful? I keep on wondering after seeing this regal bird. No wonders mother nature herself crowned the peacock with a crest. But unfortunately its beauty has landed it into trouble. Humans want to kill it for its beautiful feathers. This bird is also killed for its meat which unfortunately is gaining importance as an exotic dish. Due to loss of habitat peacocks enter the human settlements particular the agricultural fields. They cause loss to the crops. As a result farmers lay traps and even poison them. The man-bird conflict along with the climatic changes especially the rise in temperature is also diminishing their numbers. We need to undertake serious conservation steps to protect it or we will lose our crowning glory.
Spectacled Cobra
Spectacled Kobra is the longest poisonous snake in the world. The latest IUCN report has stated that ten percent of the snakes endemic to the Western Ghats,  including Kobras, are under the threat of extinction. Now this is a serious concern. Loss of habitat continues to top the reasons for their reducing population. Spectacled cobras are killed for traditional medicine preparations. They are also being used to make anit-venom serum. Again their skins too fetch lot of money. No wonders they are about to become extinct. Hence I feel that committed, persistent conservation efforts are necessary to save the splendid spectacled cobra. 

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