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Friday, 3 July 2015

Trips without leaves, reservations and hole in your pocket

Everybody wants a break. Even the family members look forward towards having a family outing. However there are many constraints for the family to go out together. Kids have their schools. It is difficult to get leave from work. Getting reservations is also a tedious task these days as the seats get booked within five minutes of the opening of the bookings. If you are lucky enough to manage on all these fronts then money becomes a very big issue. Family trips can dig a big hole into your pockets. Does that mean that one should not go for a family outing? Not at all. You can go on family outings without worrying for money, leave or reservations. Yes, that is possible.

We all live in a country which so beautiful, colourful and interesting. Every nook and corner of our country, be it small temple in some quaint town or a little known hillock which offers magnificent view of the rising sun or tree with its branches overlooking the serene waters of a river or mangroves housing birds, animals and even humans, holds tremendous potential to make it to the  tourist map. The same stands true with busy bazaars, old buildings overcrowded with shops on all sides and roadside vendors selling mouth watering street food. We live on the land where great souls like Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Mahavira and according to some theories even Jesus has walked. There is a story associated with every small shrine and every palatial building.  We should respect and document it.

This is the best manner in which you can teach your children the boring subjects like history and geography. Those can be used for their school projects as well. That will be real learning. Even visiting the local museum can be fun. So can be eating roadside snacks like bhel and paanipuri at the thela. Just watching the sun set from your balcony with cups of coffee in your hands can also add value to your life. Even this small event can make your evenings big.

So don't say that you do not have time, money or logistic support for the family outing. Needless to say that with these small outings you will bond together as a family. The children will learn from the adults and adults will learn from the children too. Adults will learn to enjoy the little joys of life and to slow down which is must needed in today's age of hectic work hours.
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