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Friday, 3 July 2015

Romance on a shoe string

Finance is a very delicate but yet very decisive matter amongst couples. Many couples divorce on account of financial incompatability. He may be a miser and she likes to spend. While on a honeymoon he will spend without bothering his finances. But honeymoon does not last longer and real life does require some amount of financial discipline. Then come the children, the car loan, the home loan which create a heavy burden on the purse. The coffers are empty for any romantic gateaway and it does have an impact on the relation. has an interesting solution to such couples who are in kneedeep financial crisis. The article is aptly titled as romantic ideas on a budget. The article says that even by doing simple acts like planting a tree romance will rekindle into your lives. It says go to the nursery together, choose a plant or shrub. This act may appear small but will go a long way in nurturing your relation. So when are you going to the nursery to choose your plants?

Another tip it offers is to take half day off from the work. It says take first half of the day off from the work. Drop the children to school together. Go to your favourite cafe with newspapers and turn your ordinary mundane morning special. Simple, romantic, yet inexpensive, what say?

One more way to bring romance to your lives is through nostalagia. It says pick your photos. Those may be of your marriage, your honeymoon or other trips which you had. Those may be of any other moment in your life as a couple. Just write the dates of those events and make a book. It will bring all the romantic memories back. So come on, bring all those albums kept on the loft down.

Songs and romance are synonymous, aren't they. So comes another tip of compiling the favourite songs of you and your partner. Playing them will always bring the romance back into your lives. So which romantic song is playing into your head at this moment?

Mystery trail dates is another way of bringing back that long lost romance into your lives. Go out separtely leaving behind clues as to the place where you are going to meet your partner. Clues can be left on placards or small notes. It may sound little idoitic to go on such mystery dates. But I am sure it is going to be lots of fun.

So enough tips for you to bring back the romance in your life without creating a big hole into your purse. 

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