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Sunday, 25 September 2016

It takes two to Yoga

Zubin Atre’s It takes two to Yoga is about partner yoga. The book starts with the author telling us about the significance of touch. Touch has many health benefits. Touch stimulates the brain to release endorphins – the body’s natural painkillers. The author tells us that partner yoga increases awareness, interdependence, trust building, intimacy and happiness.

According to the author partner yoga is not just for lovers. Nor is it linked to sexuality. It works within the framework of all associations intimate or platonic, formal or informal. Thus there is a chapter devoted to partner yoga involving parent and child. I immensely liked this section in the book. I liked the approach of the author which is evident from the following lines. ‘While practising yoga with a child, it’s important for moms to remember that the asanas may not be as beautiful or graceful as pictures make them out to be. But that hardly matters. The emphasis is tapping into the essence of yogic practice- which is bonding rather than achieving choreographed performances.’ I simply loved the shadow asana which is to be performed along with the baby.

The author enumerates the benefits of partnering yoga with colleagues and of course couples. While doing so he describes the underlying yogic philosophies and practices. Thus he talks about various koshas and various cleansing processes.

According to the author the key element related to touch, vital to a yoga session is proprioception- the ability of the central nervous system to communicate with and coordinate various parts of the body. The author offers simple exercises to experience proprioception.

The book contains a series of asanas which are to be done individually in the preparatory series. Thereafter the author describes the asanas to be done in partnership. I have been pracitising yoga since childhood. But honestly baring one or two poses, I found the partner yoga poses quite challenging. Perhaps they can be achieved by practice.

The book is a work of genuine devotion. It does not offer any quick fixes. Nor does it promise miraculous results. Zubin’s tummy is visible in many poses, including that on the cover page. Otherwise there is no dearth of six-pack yoga practitioners. Yoga cannot give you six packs, but it can definitely give you a healthy body and peaceful mind. The book indeed offers something new. I have started practising poses with my partner and I tell you even if you try one or two poses, it is fun. Isn’t that a good reason to buy the book?


  1. Thats sonething new I came to know. Need to try that book.

  2. This book has new things to learn and yes, your review cleared some of my notions about yoga..:)

  3. Dear Mahesh, Thanks a lot for taking the time to read the book and reviewing it. Thanks a lot for noticing the details and keeping it honest. I find it encouraging. Please allow me to share it on my pages and twitter.

    1. Dear Zubin thanks for the comment. You are free to share the review.