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Thursday, 2 March 2017

31 Miles - Book Review

31 Miles: Can We Ever Win Against Ourselves?

is the first novel by Vinita Bakshi. This book takes us on a journey of void which most married women experience even after decades of happy marriage with two kids.
The core story follows the life of Mansa who is happily married to Abhijeet for two decades. Mansa is depressed. This is when she comes in contact with Rajan through online chat. Rajan showers her with romantic poetries and shayaris. At times his words are full of overt advances, which Mansa disapproves of. But Mansa has begun to quiver. She is looking forward to every chat with Rajan. She happens to go with her husband on a trip abroad, Rajan is away just by 31 miles. She is too eager to meet him.

After being turned down by Rajan she is depressed. She turns to a Guruma who helps her travel into another lifetime, where the seeds of her incompleteness, her sorrow are hidden.
In her debut novel Ms. Bakshi comes with a believable protagonist, though the online affair drags a too long. Also the past life regression takes the novel into another plane. Unfortunately this part doesn’t appear organic to the story and looks like a patch. The author asks us to read the sequel to know the trials and tribulations of the lead character in her next life. Well I am done with her lifetime as Mansa and that is more than enough for me. 

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