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Thursday, 2 March 2017

1857 Dust of Ages - Book Review

1857 Dust of Ages: A Forgotten Tale by Vandana Shanker dust of ages has an interesting premise. Shiv a young art historian stumbles upon some papers in his at his 200 years old haveli in Navgarh. It is about a British soldier searching for his wife in the chaos of 1857. Navgarh didn’t have a male heir at that time. It had a princess by name Meera. Her father had planned her marriage with the neighbouring State. This was more of a political move to save the autonomy of the Navgarh State. But Meera is in love with a British Officer named Richard. They elope. Will their relationship be accepted by the Royalty? How does Shiv discover their relationship after more than 150 years that too when it has been kept a secret. For answers to these questions you will have to read the novella 1857 Dust of Ages.

I really liked the premise of this novella. A young Princess falling for a British soldier is indeed interesting. The story oscillates between the present times and the past. I wish the romance and the chaos of 1857 was given some more space in the book. Also I found the ending rather abrupt. Except for these flaws the book is a descent read.

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