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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Her Secret Husband - Book Review

Her Secret Husband is Sundari Venkatraman’s tenth book. This is book three in the 5-novella series titled Marriages Made in India.

This is story of Ruma who falls for the rich and handsome Lakshman. Ruma is a middle-class girl and her parents have arranged her marriage with Bunty. As Ruma’s engagement is soon to take place, Lakshman and Ruma get married in secret. This marriage is supported by Lakshman’s sister and brother-in-law. Ruma’s grandmother too has plays an important role in arranging this secret wedding. So Ruma is already married before her engagement to Bunty. It is their plan that Ruma’s parents would give in when they are told about her marriage at the time of engagement, in the presence of friends and relatives. However destiny has some other plans. Just before engagement it is revealed that Bunty and his family had furnished wrong information regarding their business. As a result of which the engagement is called off. Lakshman marries Ruma the very next day.

What I liked about Sundari’s writing is its simplicity. She doesn’t go for unnecessary descriptions and complex sentences. She tells her story in simple words and simple language. This is the biggest USP of her writing. This being a romance falling in Mills & Boons genre one can’t expect much from the story. It is high on romance and erotica quotient and I am sure it wont disappoint its readers. 

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