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Thursday, 9 February 2017

It's All About Mahi - Book Review

It’s All About Mahi is a novelette about Dhoni and Gaurav who is his die-hard fan. The novelette traces journey of Mahi right from his debut up to his winning worldcup. It also tracks Gaurav’s life during this period. Gaurav has a girlfriend Barkha who hates cricket. Gaurav tries to meet his God but is disappointed when the meeting doesn’t materialize.

Real life scenes like Gaurav fighting with Abhinav for he says nasty things about Dhoni while watching match on TV, makes the book easy to relate. Barkha’s hate for cricket could have been further developed. But this book is about cricket. May be that is the reason why this track is not further developed.

What I liked about this book is the flow of writing. It is not easy to write such a noveltte which has no story but only few incidents to narrate. Except for the excessive use of & the writing is clean. This is a short read, which can be finised in just a few mintues. But you will enjoy every moment of it, if you have been die hard fan of someone.

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