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Friday, 10 February 2017

What Patriotism means to me

#The Four PatriotsI want to do something for the country.” Everyone mouths this dialogue at some point of time. For some the only way to serve the country is by fighting with the enemy at the border. Of course this is one of the ways of serving the country and the effort and sacrifice of our soldiers cannot be undermined.

But not that all can join the army. Does it mean that we cannot do anything for the country? No, absolutely not. We can take small steps to make India better.

How about paying all our taxes promptly. It is this money that will be used for building infrastructure and also implementing welfare schemes for the poor.

Plant a tree. Save water. Go cashless, go paperless. There are so many ways. Even when you are switching off the fans and lights in your house and office when they are not in use, you are serving the country.

Don’t litter. Discourage others from doing so. Don’t desecrate the ancient monuments by scribbling your names and drawing hearts on it. Do some charity. If not by donating money, just go and spend time with the poor and the needy. Teach their children to read and write. I am sure the list is endless. Hence forth make your tiny contribution to making the nation great and never say is desh ka kuch nahi honewala. 

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