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Saturday, 18 February 2017

The Pursuit - Book Review

An Unsuitable Boy

Anik Par’s the Pursuit has an interesting premise. An unwed girl delivers a child. Her parents give it away. However they tell her that the child was still born. After three years she comes to know that her child was alive when born and given away by her parents. The Pursuit is the story of her search for the child.
In spite of such an interesting story, which had ample scope for emotional ups and downs, the plot fells flat. The climax, is hard to believe. Why would a trafficker in Mumbai extend help to the protagonist to find her missing child. Also the ease with which she locates the child, robs away the thrill in the story. The book is ridden with grammatical mistakes, especially tenses have gone wrong in many places.

Yet I congratulate the writer for coming up with such a novel plot for his book.
This book has been published by Leadstart Publishing.

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