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Friday, 24 February 2017

Unrequited love

The title walk in the rain and the picture of a couple walking on a beach with a colourful umbrella turned upside down, gives an impression that this book is a romantic novel. Yes, there is romance but this book is a thriller.

This is a story of introvert Surya and his classmate Sandhya. Sandhya forges a friendship with the reserve, introvert Surya and they become inseparable. They even spend their vacations together. Then one day Sandhya suddenly disappears. Circumstances and a wicked uncle Hari force her to take up a new name Saloni and enter the flesh trade. Surya is taken to the brothel by his friend Imran. Surya meets Saloni but doesn't recognize her. He doesn't even touch her. As a result one feckless person considers that Surya has some sexual problem and offers him a cure for his predicament. Surya is irritated. A small accidental push leads to a full fledged quarrel. That man kills Imran. Surya wants to take revenge of his friend's murder. Surya has heard Saloni call that man Hari. Hari has fled the spot. Surya thinks as Saloni has called him by his name, she would know his whereabouts. So he tries to get to Hari through Saloni. Needless to say he discovers that Saloni is Sandhya and the lovers are reunited.

What I liked about the novel is the pace and the easy narration. That kept me hooked. I finished reading the entire book in a single setting. The characters and the plot make the book a page turner. This book is high in entertainment quotient for sure.

There are couple of typographical errors in the book which I wish were avoided. The novel has got a good pace, but at (many) places the writing is confusing.

This book is like watching a Bollywood movie. You don't use your brains and you will have a good time reading this book. Don't ask questions like why does Surya want an instant revenge and you are bound to enjoy this book.

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