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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Double or Quits - Book Review

Double or Quits is the story of Jyotsna Singh. She is an anaylst with an investment banking company. Aryan Sahani the promoter of Sahani Hospitals meets her in relation to floating of an IPO. Jyotsna is attracted to him. Contrary to the rules they enter into a romantic relationship. Aryan systematically induces Jyotsna to manipulate the figures to make unlawful gains. She is suspended from her job. She is even convicted for insider trading. Will she redeem her life?

With this novel Shilpa Gupta enters the Ravi Subramaniam’s style of writing. So there is no suspense as such. But the real and cruel world of investment banking is exposed. I feel that the author should have spent some more time and attention towards building the Jyotsna and Aryan relationship. Their bonding is simply unconvincing. Even the title Double or Quits sounds both odd and inappropriate. Shilpa scores by making the protagonist a woman. Jyotsna is not a prey, but a woman who is ready to take responsibility for her actions. The novel is a fast paced thriller. It is a page turner and gives the satisfaction of reading a good novel. Hence this novel is highly recommended.

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