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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Intimidating Obscurity - Book Review

Intimidating Obscurity a Pursue to Eternity is story of Stella. Her mother is murdered. This murder is followed by few others and Stella loses her near and dear ones. Then Rey enters her life. He proposes her, she wants to say him yes, but her friend Kimaya too loves him. Plus Stella receives a call asking her to deject Rey’s proposal. So Stella rejects his proposal and marries Robert. Rey marries Kimaya. One day Stella is found dead. Rey finds her diary and many secrets are revealed.

The plot appears interesting but the treatment is banal. There are bookish dialogues which do not sound real. As a result all the characters speak in the same tone. The author narrates the story mostly through dialogues. At many places the dialogues could have been avoided to give a good pace to the story. Unfortunately that is not done. Plus the grammatical errors mar the narrative.

Everything from title to book cover and writing style to characters in this book is amateurish. So open this book at your own risk.

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