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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Alien and the fairy without wings

Who says Colgate is all about brushing your teeth? The following story was weaved by my nephews with my daughter Niva as the protagonist of the story. Colgate has opened a new way for stories which are magical, entertaining as well as educative.

'What's that flying in the air?' Niva, who was playing in the courtyard thought. It was twilight and the object which she saw in the sky was strange. It wasn't a star. It was neither an airplane nor a rocket. It came nearer and nearer. 'UFO.' Words came out from her mouth spontaneously. Until then she had heard about them only in science fictions.

A strange creature stepped out of the UFO. 'Don't be afraid. I am a friend. It said and escorted Niva into the UFO. The UFO flied up high in the sky. 'We run a space scholarship in our planet, though our scholarship is not restricted to children of our planet alone. We identify bright students, with keen interest in science, from all over the universe and take them for a fiver hour space ride.

Was what Niva heard true. She was one of the brightest students in the entire universe. Reading her thoughts the alien said. “Yes Niva you are one of the best science minds we have seen.' The door of the cabin opened and a beautiful girl came in with a tray containing chocolates in her hands. If she had wings, she would have definitely made a beautiful fairy, Niva thought. 'These chocolates are made in our planet. They are sugar free and are known to improve cognitive and analytical skills in children. Have them to your heart's content, for their medicinal properties will disappear if you taken then to Fungfoo.’
'Fungfoo.' Niva said with her eye brows stretched.
'Oh, sorry, we call your earth Fungfoo in our language.' The alien said.

They flied up in the air. Suddenly Niva felt like she was weightless. She began to fly in the air like a kite. The fairy without the wings and the alien held her by her thighs and dragged her to the ground.

'This is space darling. You do not feel gravity here.' He said adjusting the steering of UFO.
'Then how come you guys are not feeling gravity?' Niva asked.
'That is because we astronauts are trained to work without gravity in the space.'
'So you are an astronaut?'
'Yes and the fairy without wings too.'
'So you guys aren't aliens?' Niva asked
'Well going by the dictionary definitions we are strangers to you. So may be we are aliens in that way. But we too are a highly developed race like you people.'

Come on get down.’ The alien said politely.
'Have we reached your planet?’ Niva was too eager to see another planet.
'No this is a space ship. Wear your space suit first.' The fairy came out of the curtain again. This time with a space suit in hand. She went to explain Niva that a space suit weighs 127 kg with 13 layers of material. It provides the much needed oxygen while in space.

Niva's eye widened on seeing the space ship. She had never seen anything like that before. Many men and women were working in their cubicles. “So this is your office in the space?' Niva asked.
'Yes, you have put it it very well in simple words. Space stations allow you to live and work in the Earth's orbit.'

That was when a girl who looked like a shorter version of the fairy came and yelled. 'Sir there is a new comet.' Everybody rushed to the window. 'It is so young. Perhaps we are the first one to notice it. Aishwarya we will name it after you.' The Alien said. Aishwarya blushed. She was named after Aishwarya Rai, whose beauty had created ripples among the Aliens as well. The Alien then explained Niva that comet heats up when close to the sun and gets its tail of dust and ice crystals. Thereafter the alien took out the rover from the garage and he took Niva on the red planet, known as Mars on the earth. Till then Niva had known only Land Rover. Now she came to know that Rover is a space exploration device which moves across a planet's surface. She had heard that the atmosphere on Mars was conducive to human survival. But she was the first one to encounter with an alien from the Mars. She was too excited to share the news with her friends. But she wanted to explore Mars completely first.
'Alien, your life is so exciting. Can I join your world?'
'Yes, but for that you will have to study. By the time you go to college, boundaries between planets will be blur. We will experience Universal brotherhood in the true sense of the word. We will visit each other's planets with ease and learn new things from one another.'
'Thank you Alien.' I will wait for that day Niva said as she took a selfie with the alien and the fairy without wings.

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